Some thoughts on tagging for seabirders

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Some thoughts on tagging for seabirders

Unread post by Janus » 27 Mar 2015, 11:35

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Dilek Sahin

Re: Some thoughts on tagging for seabirders

Unread post by Dilek Sahin » 28 Mar 2015, 17:29

Sjurdur, thank you for bringing this issue to the agenda. I mostly agree with you especially about adding a sign of ecology to some abbreviation tags. However I don't agree with the replacement of #seabirdersaturday. I think this tag is very popular and well-settled now. Yes, it is long but there is always an option to send more tweets if you can't tell all in one. It may bring more confusion to change it now in its peak and probably takes longer time for everyone to use the new tag so to reach wider community.
About the #ECS, perhaps something underlining one of the words such as #ECSci can be used.

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Re: Some thoughts on tagging for seabirders

Unread post by Sjurdur » 28 Mar 2015, 17:44

Thanks Dilek for your comments,

In addtion to being long, my dislike of #seabirdersaturday is also how easily it gets confused with #seabirdsaturday, which on some saturdays has had as many as 50 uses. Again this dilutes the potential. But I agree that it is quite well established now, and it's great to see that people make use of it if they have random seabird related queries. I would think that a migration to a shorter and better tag would probably take some time and effort, and maybe not really worth attempting at this stage. Thanks for your thoughts!

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